Apr 21, 2021
Metadata for Digital Collections: A How-To-Do-It Manual
Posted by Steven J. Miller


  • Title: Metadata for Digital Collections: A How-To-Do-It Manual
  • Author: Steven J. Miller
  • ISBN: 9781555707460
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback
  • Metadata for Digital Collections A How To Do It Manual None


    This is the first time, and perhaps will be the only time, that I will read a textbook in entirety before the semester beingsr fun I really enjoyed this introduction to metadata, and perhaps am increasingly becoming interested in it because I am working on the beginning stages of digitizing a local history collection in a public library While I m not sure about how I feel regarding the author s citations of 4 stars , I am excited to learn how to actually implement this and create these records w [...]


    A solid introduction to Dublin Core and MODS maybe VRA as well, but I skipped that chapter Miller s use of examples is excellent and covers metadata code itself, some common interfaces for metadata design and creation, and end user views It s made very clear that the standards for structuring and filling in metadata come in an array of options that each institution needs to consider and choose.The best audience for this book is probably librarians in small institutions who have been tasked with [...]

    Bill Sleeman

    This is a very well done guide to the current state of metadata in libraries and cultural institutions It is comprehensive and helpful The only drawback and this is a fault of the publisher not the author, Steven Miller was that the figures or illustrations were sometimes laid out placed too far from the portion of the text that they were intended to represent It was occasionally a problem to locate the correct illustration that accompanied a portion of text Otherwise, this is a very good resour [...]


    An incredibly well written manual concise, clear, and yet not boring The website includes a helpful glossary and supplementary material for each chapter I went from knowing next to nothing about metadata to feeling relatively confident about the topic I borrowed this from the public library, but can t stand the thought of not having my own copy to refer to in the future It s that good of a resource.


    Excellent book Detailed without being overly technical Great examples Explains WHY we do things a certain way, not just how to do them I would say this is required reading for any beginning metadata class or a librarian already working with metadata in some capacity that wants a solid overview of the field.


    I m not going to lie, I fell asleep reading this book several times I blame that on the subject matter though metadata is just not that interesting of a subject I will say that this book did teach me a lot, though, so I do recommend it for those trying to learn metadata Again, another book for class.

    Darin Stewart

    An excellent primer on applying Dublin Core, MODS, and VRA Core to digital resources A bit too focused on academic collections, but very readable and can be generalized to broader content applications.


    Not an enjoyable read but a really good manual for the basic metadata systems Absolutely necessary if you are at all planning any sort of career in the management of a libraries, museums, or archives digital collections.


    This was such a clearly written book, full of practical information, that I am considering buying my own copy if only it weren t so pricey But this is definitely a book I think I would return to than once Highly recommended for anyone grappling with metadata issues of any kind.

    Jessica Davenport

    Considering this book was the only way I got through my metadata class it is amazing Well written and easy to understand I couldn t have done it without this book.

    Andrea Hickman Walker

    This is a very good introduction to the creation of metadata A bit dry in places, but I imagine it s difficult to make every aspect of something like this interesting.


    This book is fantastic You know I love metadata so I am biased, but this is a clear, easy to read and really sensible guide to metadata implementation Tops


    I don t generally include textbooks on my read list, but I m including this one in my nonfiction count for the year I d have read it anyway if I hadn t had to read it for school.


    Overall a decent overview The DC, MODS, and VRA element specs you can find online The chapter on metadata sharing as well as the chapter on designing and documenting a scheme were very helpful.

    Christie Kliewer

    very practical admittedly kind of boring though.

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