Apr 15, 2021
Batman: Gotham Noir
Posted by Ed Brubaker Sean Phillips Dave Stewart

Don t miss this Elseworlds set in a stylish Gotham City straight out of classic mystery films, starring a down on his luck cop called Jim Gordon and the mysterious Bat

  • Title: Batman: Gotham Noir
  • Author: Ed Brubaker Sean Phillips Dave Stewart
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
  • Batman Gotham Noir Don t miss this Elseworlds set in a stylish Gotham City straight out of classic mystery films starring a down on his luck cop called Jim Gordon and the mysterious Bat

    Brandon Forsyth

    Ed Brubaker Sean Phillips Batman Almost too good to be true This short story feels just a little rushed, but it plays with the mythology in a fun way and Sean Phillips Batman is a terrifying shadow just the way I like him It leaves you wanting Much .

    Nick Kives

    2.5 I expected out of this It isn t bad, just not up to the standards I expect from a Brubaker Phillips book Oh course this probably one of the earlier collaborations if not the earliest Gordon has been fired from the police force and is now of an alcoholic private eye Pretty much solely has to do with Gordon and nothing to do with Batman.

    Erwing Ruiz

    De las que he le do de Batman, es la mejor narrada.


    Terrific Noir imagining of Gotham City in 1949 with a hard boiled Jim Gordon tackling the mob and government corruption with a assist from The Batman.

    Santiago L. Moreno

    En el principal asiento del haber de Ed Brubaker hay que anotar su capacidad como creador de historias, cerradas, amenas, bien hilvanadas Donde mejor sabe moverse es en ese espacio nebuloso entre subg neros que linda con el noir, el hard boiled, el thriller y el polic aco y que recoge un poco de todos ellos El dibujo de Sean Philips se suma a ese tono oscuro tan adecuado con el que Brubaker elabora esta historia, s ntesis del universo Batman, que sit a a los personajes principales de sus histori [...]

    Bookworm Amir

    I had already made a review of this but my internet went limp and it didn t get saved Sigh.Anyways, I couldn t really say I enjoyed this book First of all, Batman does not make much of an appearance This type of comic books belong in the noir category This is my first time reading a noir book but from what I gather, it is a type of than usual black ish and shadowy art looking story with a mystery crime driven plot Of course, this is very much like a Detective Comic, however the detective being [...]

    Dmitry Yakovenko

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    Elizabeth (Miss Eliza)

    Very similar in style and story to Fade Out, even with our antihero waking up next to a dead body But then again, that s a typical Noir trope They made Gotham dark and interesting, especially in that they didn t focus on the superhero element, the vigilante element, which I thinks makes it work better Though perhaps the dark background of troubled girls being molestation and prostitution is way played out Also, not enough definition of some of the characters so Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent just [...]


    Jim Gordon, down on his luck, a drunk private investigator after being kicked off the Gotham police force, has been framed for murder He spills his story to the only person who will listen The Bat, a mysterious vigilante in this Elseworld one shot title from Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips One of their earlier collaborations, it has the trademark style and pacing you d expect A fun spin on some old favorites.


    Gordon has to clear his name while being pursued by Batman and police Peculiar thing is that Batman only appears in front of Gordon when the latter is alone And there is neat reference to the first Batman 1989 movie Good noir story.


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    John Pennell

    Excellent and I really enjoyed the focus on Gordon Must read for any Batman fan


    An enjoyable look at a different time.


    Simple fun story It s an Elseworlds and Brubaker does enough to establish his own world while making it fairly recognizable.Sean Phillips art is perfect for the issue Creepy Batman.

    Kurt Reichenbaugh

    A short ride along with Jim Gordon in Gotham, 1949 An Elseworlds caper.


    Started off kind of slow and stilted, but picked up by the end.


    Ok, an Elseworld story where Gordon is a drunken private eye Not really much Batman in it, and lets face it Batman tends towards the noir anyway so this wasn t that much different.

    Calvin Daniels

    Yule gift A Bat ish tale centered on a broken Gordon by Ed Brubaker.Most excellent indeed.


    I love noir and I love Batman so I m really surprised that this sucked so much I certainly cannot believe it was on Nerdist s criminally good noir comics list.

    Ward Howarth

    Killer take on a 1949 set Batman tale with Gordon as a washed up PI Full of pulp staples crooked politicos, mob, alcoholism but still comes off fresh Fun stuff.


    Story 2,5 5 Art 3 5


    I expected much from this marvellous creative team, however this story is so anodine I think the best part of it was the cover It was quite boring.


    This was a great read The noir was well done, the story had a great vive to it, and incorporates the right amount of familiar elements from the Batman mythos.

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